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We, UNIQQ WATER SOLUTIONS PVT LTD. Hyderabad is an NSIC & MSME Registered, ISO Certified manufacturer and supplier .

UNIQQ WATER SOLUTIONS is promoted by a team with extensive and relevant experience in the field of electronics, water analysis, and agriculture, we offer a practical, no-nonsense solution to the stubborn problem of Hardness in Water whether it is for Domestic, commercial, industrial, or agricultural use.

With an aim to improve water , UNIQQ Water Solution  is leading the market as a Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter, Trader and Distributor of various kinds of Water Level Controller and Fuel Saver Devices. We are located at Telangana (India), as an ISO 9001:2015 certified company that established. Our manufactured water management and other industrial products are widely used in household and industrial applications. List of our product range comprises Domestic Water Purifiers, Commercial Water Purifier, Industrial RO Plant, Water Softeners, Water Tank Filters, RO Water Systems, RO Plant Spare Parts etc..

Our Product Portfolio:

1) Hard Water To Soft water Converter

      1.1) Impulse Water Conditioner
     1.2) Electro Magnetic Water Conditioners
2)Alkaline Ionized Water
3) Heat Exchangers

 3.1) Plate Type
 3.2) Shall And Tube
4) Cooling Towers
5) Filteration Systems

         5.1) Ms Filters
         5.2) SS Filters
6) Ro Plants
7) Spare Parts


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Hard Water To Soft Water Converter

When water flows through the our product at a pressure of 1.5kg/cm2,impulse turbulence is created, with the result the molecular properties of water and minerals change and the property of mineral becomes cohesive leaving their adhviness properties .

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Alkaline Ionized Water

Hydrogen Rich WaterMake Your Family Medicine Free, 1 St time in India Japanese Greatest invention now with affordable cost...! DRUNIQQ Water lonizor Future of water Technology

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Heat Exchangers

Heat exchange is a process of transferring the heat from one fluid to another. It is mostly used in various industries for different purposes. Heat exchangers are usually made up of pipes, valves, and fins which make the process more efficient by increasing the surface area which can be heated or cooled efficiently.

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Cooling Towers

Cooling towers are a device that helps to keep the temperature of the water in a power plant below the boiling point. They are also known as wet cooling towers.The cooling process in a Cool Tower is a result of the air contact with the water surface. The water is sprayed onto the tower, which cools down to about 8°C. This temperature difference causes a convection current in the tower.

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Filteration Systems

Our Uniqq Water filters are a must-have for every household. They keep the water clean and safe, which means you can drink it without worrying about getting sick Our Water Filter with all kinds of different features that make them easier to use and more effective at what they do.

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Reverse osmosis plants are used for desalinating water. The reverse osmosis process involves a membrane which separates the water from the salt. We are Unique Water Solutions have Hybrid Reverse Osmosis Plant and are known for best RO results.

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Reliability & Expertise

At Uniqq Water Solutions, we value our customer's time and comfort more than anything else. So we place utmost emphasis on providing on-time and reliable service to our customers.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance measures may include quality control checks, audits, and performance testing, as well as implementing standardized procedures and protocols. The goal of quality assurance is to provide customers with reliable, consistent, and high-quality products and service

On-Site Support

Onsite support for UNIQQ water solutions machines involves sending a trained technician to the location of the machine to diagnose and repair any technical issues or malfunctions, as well as providing maintenance services to ensure the machine operates efficiently and effectively.

Uniqq Water Solutions

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Benefits For Industries

Electronic Impulse Water Conditioners does not alter the chemical composition of the water, does not reduce the TDS of the water Then?

Our Client


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We have noticed the vast difference in the drinking qualities of the water and it is hard to tell the difference between the conditioned water and tank water. In the bathroom we find the water soaps quite readily and I am pleased to say I can forget about recharging the water softener every three weeks. What a relief!
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Prior to fitting the conditioner we were unable to drink the water in any form, tea, coffee or with cordial, but now it is quite palatable. Washing the clothes has probably shown the biggest improvement.
Sai Sanath
Sai Sanath@username
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Now that the whole house is "conditioned" there is not a hint of chlorine smell at any tap. In fact you can actually drink the water straight from the tap without having to hold your nose. We are very happy with our Uws Conditioner and would have no hesitation recommending it to anyone who wants better water.
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I noticed a tremendous difference in the taste of the water straight away. It's certainly hard to understand how the UWS Conditioner works, but it does.
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When it comes to washing the car the UWS is fantastic. I have a black BMW and there’s no more water spotting! Anyone who cares about their car should have one.
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Since installation we have found the Bendigo town supply to be of a notably softer quality and the dry skin and scalp conditions have reduced markedly. Also the red “rust spots” on showerheads have cleared. We would readily recommend this product to any of your customers.