Hard Water Problems

Due to large amount of minerals present in water , water becomes hard , when it comes in water pipe line, drip irrigation line and sprinkler nozzle get choked over a period of time and there is no uniform water supply to all crops. Also hard TDS water burns tips of leaves,

Water is the life blood of any farm. In nature water never exists as just pure H2O. To make available best water from canal or river for farming is difficult. Almost 85% farmers have boar well or well water for farming. There are always other substances dissolved in it that we know as mineral salts.  Healthy, balanced water needs to have mineral salts in it to sustain life. However it’s the percentages of those mineral salts that make water either “hard” or “soft”. Basically, high amounts of minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, classify water as hard.  You can often find a large amount of iron, manganese, sodium and other dissolved compounds such as bicarbonates and sulphates in hard water. reduces growth of the plant, affects crops yield as compared to normal water farming and also damages the soil structure.

Is there any solution to overcome the problems of existing hard water softeners ?

UNIQQ WATER CONDITIONER are here to help you solve your difficult water problems, not just by selling some equipment. We know that you have concerns and we will work to ensure that you get the best results for your particular set of circumstances.

Hard water from a bore (well) typically has very high surface tension. This water is difficult to be taken up into the plant stem and absorbed into the cell structure. and If it is hard water then it becomes more difficult to be taken up by plant. It is not well absorbed and the result is the plant growth becomes slower. On the other hand any hard water that is treated with Electrical induction’ UNIQQ Water softener’ the surface tension of the water is lowered significantly. This then allows the water and minerals to be easily drawn up by the plant. The water provides support and the minerals provide nourishment so that the plant growth will faster and total yield will increase.

Uniqq Water softener changes the chemical structure of the hard Water. This forces to decomposes the molecules into a new form, It just changes molecular structure of the minerals which makes it in pure form , so the calcium, iron and other minerals stay in the water but never form hard scale at walls of piping, fixtures, and appliances. These all silent minerals are very much important for crop and human. The water coming from uniqq water softener never form a crusty layer of salt or iron on the ground , these all minerals are more easily absorbed into the ground and the crops, which gives both a healthier environment to grow crops and increases the yield.

Hard Water To Soft Water Converter

When water flows through the our product at a pressure of 1.5kg/cm2,impulse turbulence is created, with the result the molecular properties of water and minerals change and the property of mineral becomes cohesive leaving their adhviness properties .This cumulative effect of phenomenon RESULTS into ANTI SCALING in this pipe lines when installed water converter in the pipelines.

As far as descaling is concerned in the existing pipes, when used with a uniqq water converter, the thin molecules of water interact with scale and get dislodged and flown downstream. This descaled material has to be collected in the filters Which are to be installed at return line locations to avoid clogging in cooling towers,heat exchanger tubes,condenser tubes, etc. .

In order to maintain the separation of water molecules and mineral molecules an electrolysis process is initiated in the WATER CONVERTER with 12v dc power supply from our supplied panel .

There are no moving parts in the product and SS 316L is used for the manufacture of converter ,THERE IS NO MAINTENANCE REQUIRED FOR THIS EQUIPMENT and the life of this equipment will be 15 -20 years.
As the power supply of 220 AC supply from mains is needed for the control panel,the power consumption is very minimal to the tune of 2 to 8 units per month.


  • Improves the quality of domestic water supplies
  • Feel the difference with Re-structured & energized water
  • The water feels softer as water turbidity is reduced
  • No more water spotting after the water evaporates on the surface or floor
  • Shiny taps, faucets, and bath fittings
  • Shiny spot-free sanitary
  • Clean bathtubs with less scrubbing
  • All together happy bathing experience with better soap lather
  • Noticeable reduction in hair fall
  • Brighter and glowing skin
  • No more salt stains on dishes
  • Sparkling dishes with less cleaning powder
  • No more dull and yellow finish on clothes
  • Shiny laundry with less detergent
  • No more scale forming in the washing machine or dishwasher
  • Floor cleaning made easy with less effort
  • No more scaling in geysers-more life and save in electricity
  • More efficient solar water heaters
  • No spot and no scales in car and bike cleaning
  • Water is a perfect fit for cooking
  • Perfect water for vegetable and fruit wash as water molecule size is reduced it effectively
  •  clears germs and other organic contaminations (like pesticide residues)
  • Improves the taste of cooking and reduces cooking time
  • No more scaly air conditioner water outlet pipes
  • No more chlorine smell
  • Water is good for pet wash and for pet water needs
  • Best water for home gardening and lawn
  • Simply UWS gives more water per water means highly charged and energized water that can be a real boon to agriculture. 
  • More water savings as with the same amount of water, double the area can be cultivated efficiently and effectively.
  • As water efficiency increases, summer cultivation risks can be reduced as water discharge drops during the summer months.
  • Reduces soil salinity problem.
  • Structured water penetrates deeper into the soil which is better for plants.
  • Less horizontal spread of water means less wastage of water.
  • As the horizontal spread of water is less, weed problems are reduced.
  • As water turbidity is less and water molecular size is a less good utilization of nutrients in soil resulting 30 to 40 % reduction in fertilizer usage. Better development of roots with visible white hairy root growth.
  • Less noticeable micronutrient deficiencies. 
  • Pesticide usage can be reduced up to 40% by using this structured water to prepare spray solutions.
  • Increased yields.
  • Fruits cultivated with structured water will have solid pulp formation with more taste and flavor.
  • Increases plant internal capacity to fight biotic and abiotic stress.
  • No more scale formation in drip lines and at drippers no more drip blockages.
  • Prevents algal growth in drip lines.
  • This structured water breaks soil clods and blocks and makes the soil more permeable improving soil’s natural structure and texture.
  • Unwanted salts accumulated around the root zone will be washed away.
  • No more leaf burn symptoms associated with salinity or water stress.
  • Healthier and greener plants.
  • As the soil absorbs structured water deeper, fast evaporative loss of water is reduced.
  • No more hard water problem
  • Better saving on fuels (up to 30% saving in fuel consumption)
  • No more frequent de-scaling and cleaning of equipment
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Increased life of machinery
  • Increases potential of machinery
  • More cleaner work environment as UWS doesn’t produce a toxic aerosol
  •  compounds like traditional water softeners
  • Prevent growth of algae and other toxic microbial growth in pipes and other water lines
  • Better efficiency of water in the process as well as in reaction where ever applicable
  • Improves performance and life of RO membrane were ever used. 
  • Reduces cost of production of RO water, process water or demineralized water
  • Better life of valves and other fitments
  • In simple words better, efficient, and cost-effective production where ever water is involved.


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Our Client


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We have noticed the vast difference in the drinking qualities of the water and it is hard to tell the difference between the conditioned water and tank water. In the bathroom we find the water soaps quite readily and I am pleased to say I can forget about recharging the water softener every three weeks. What a relief!
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Prior to fitting the conditioner we were unable to drink the water in any form, tea, coffee or with cordial, but now it is quite palatable. Washing the clothes has probably shown the biggest improvement.
Sai Sanath
Sai Sanath@username
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Now that the whole house is "conditioned" there is not a hint of chlorine smell at any tap. In fact you can actually drink the water straight from the tap without having to hold your nose. We are very happy with our Care-Free Conditioner and would have no hesitation recommending it to anyone who wants better water.
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I noticed a tremendous difference in the taste of the water straight away. It's certainly hard to understand how the Care-Free Conditioner works, but it does.
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When it comes to washing the car the Care-Free is fantastic. I have a black BMW and there’s no more water spotting! Anyone who cares about their car should have one.
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Since installation we have found the Bendigo town supply to be of a notably softer quality and the dry skin and scalp conditions have reduced markedly. Also the red “rust spots” on showerheads have cleared. We would readily recommend this product to any of your customers.