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Established in the year 2021, Uniqq Water Solutions  in the market. Our company is operating as a Manufacture and sales. Headquarters of our company is located at Hyderabad, Telangana (India). We are leading manufacturer, trader and wholesale supplier of  Electronic Water Conditioners, Heat Ex changers ,Cooling Towers,Filtration Systems, RO Plants Alkaline Ionized Water and many more. We use the latest machines and best raw material to manufacture these products in tandem with the set norms of the industry.

Our vision is to improve the quality of water for everyone in the most convenient and affordable way possible.

UWS is promoted by a team with extensive and relevant experience in the field of electronics, water analysis, and agriculture, we offer a practical, no-nonsense solution to the stubborn problem of Hardness in Water whether it is for domesticcommercial, industrial, or agricultural use.

 At UWS, all our products are backed by rigorous research and field validation resulting in products and services that are cost-effective, technologically advanced, and maintenance-free providing soft water that is good for use saves your machinery, and high yields in farming.

Our products are built in India meeting global standards enabling us to promise a ‘never before’ 20 years of performance guarantee under harsh Indian weather conditions giving you savings and peace of mind.

Our high-quality product is backed by a technically capable team committed to providing the right advisory services to choose the product, install and service it for an uninterrupted flow of ‘soft water’ forever.

With UWS, the Flow of better water never stops!

We can drink healthier water by using a water purifier in our home or office.


Why You Choose Us?

Our Infrastructure

We have established an advanced infrastructure unit at our premises. The unit is outfitted with modern machines, latest technologies and requisite amenities that support us to manufacture the products in bulk quantities. These machines are maintained from time to time by our professionals to ensure their smooth functioning. We have also portioned our unit into different small departments to execute various business tasks.


Specialized in Industry

With almost 18 years in Industry as company and more than 22 years of experience in Industry we have built our mark to solve anykind of problems related to Water RO. We Promote with our Trademark Uniqq Water Solutions.



Our Missons & Our

With a vision to make the world a healthy and a happy family, it is our mission to produce innovative health care products that purify the water we drink and thus help people live healthier life. At our organization, it is a passion and very purpose of our existence to innovate world-class water purifier product. We help people in attaining the most precious wealth through our exclusive range of health care products.

Why Us ?

UWS catalytic water conditioner, by a mechanical process improves the physical condition, restructures the hardness of minerals like calcium and magnesium & reduces the negative effects of those minerals commonly found in water. Unique non-chemical nano-catalytic first-ofits-kind Electronic Impulse Water Conditioners. As water passes through Electronic Impulse Water Conditioners converter subjected to turbulent interaction in a catalytic chamber with a DC power supply with micro processor Most of the physical properties of the hard water will get changed by particle division reduces and removes the chemical bonding which changes the calcite condition of hard water to aragonite condition, thereby, the very effectiveness of their presence in the hard water is totally removed.

Technical Parameters

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Our Client


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We have noticed the vast difference in the drinking qualities of the water and it is hard to tell the difference between the conditioned water and tank water. In the bathroom we find the water soaps quite readily and I am pleased to say I can forget about recharging the water softener every three weeks. What a relief!
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Prior to fitting the conditioner we were unable to drink the water in any form, tea, coffee or with cordial, but now it is quite palatable. Washing the clothes has probably shown the biggest improvement.
Sai Sanath
Sai Sanath@username
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Now that the whole house is "conditioned" there is not a hint of chlorine smell at any tap. In fact you can actually drink the water straight from the tap without having to hold your nose. We are very happy with our Care-Free Conditioner and would have no hesitation recommending it to anyone who wants better water.
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I noticed a tremendous difference in the taste of the water straight away. It's certainly hard to understand how the Care-Free Conditioner works, but it does.
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When it comes to washing the car the Care-Free is fantastic. I have a black BMW and there’s no more water spotting! Anyone who cares about their car should have one.
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Since installation we have found the Bendigo town supply to be of a notably softer quality and the dry skin and scalp conditions have reduced markedly. Also the red “rust spots” on showerheads have cleared. We would readily recommend this product to any of your customers.
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