Hard Water Effects....

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Industrial Hard Water Effects

Breakdown of boilers / cooling towers etc., due to scaling and

More power consumption and less water delivery

How to Identify Hard Water Effects In Industrial Sector?

Hard water remove by water softener How to Identify that Water is Hard The following points mentioned below will help you identify if you receive hard water. Check the cutlery as well as glassware. The presence of white stains on the cutleries or glassware is a sign that you receive hard water. If you face the problem of itchy skin or dry hair all of a sudden, this may indicate that you receive hard water at home. If clothes and fabrics lose shine and color after every wash, it indicates that you get hard water. The presence of scale build-up in appliances is also an indication of the presence of hard water. Hard water also leaves stains on the sink and bathtub. Scale build-up on your plumbing fixtures also indicates that you receive hard water. Though hard water doesn’t lead to diseases, it would build up excessive expenses. So, using the best water softener for home becomes a much-needed option for all.

Is there any solution to overcome the problems of existing hard water softeners ?

Electronic Impulse Water Conditioners

Consider the Benefits

Our catalytic water conditioner, by a mechanical process improves the physical condition, restructures the hardness of minerals like calcium and magnesium & reduces the negative effects of those minerals commonly found in water.

Unique non-chemical nano-catalytic first-of-its-kind Electronic Impulse Water Conditioners .

As water passes through Electronic Impulse Water Conditioners converter subjected to turbulent interaction in a catalytic chamber with a DC power supply with micro processor.

Most of the physical properties of the hard water will get changed by particle division reduces and removes the chemical bonding which changes the calcite condition of hard water to aragonite condition, thereby, the very effectiveness of their presence in the hard water is totally removed.

Which would you choose…?


This commercial dishwasher at an Aboriginal Health Service in the Northern Territory was badly calcified.


Since installing a Uniqq Water Conditioner, the commercial dishwasher has remained clean.


A chemically treated cooling tower prior to installation.


Note the water clarity of the cooling tower sump eight months after installing a Uniqq Water Conditioner.
When installed into a Cooling Tower system, Care-Free virtually eliminated the biofilm in which bacteria grows and multiplies.

Therefore, minimal regular maintenance is required to keep the tower in a ‘clean’ condition.

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