Street Light Timer is a microcontroller based smart product to switch ON/OFF load depending upon the geographical location of the device. Astronomical Timer Mode keeps track of each days sunrise/sunset time and takes the smart control of light depending upon sunrise and sunset times and saves power. Timer Pro Mode is for the pre settable times to switch ON/OFF the load. Night out Mode is for keeping the street lights, hoardings OFF at the night duration for a given period by user to save the power. It is very useful to save power and manpower to switch the load.

Product Features

  • Saves power by punctually maintaining on-off timings of the load
  • Designed & Mfd. In India to suit Indian power conditions
  • User friendly & intuitive user interface design

BARON TECHNO PRODUCTS Hyderabad based company has introduced a low cost compact micro controller based on intelligent hi-tech street light controller to switch on/off automatically for your street light, building lights, glow sign board, hoarding etc..


  • Street Lights auto ON/OFF depending upon accurate sunrise and sunset times for given location
  • Parking lots Lights auto ON/OFF
  • Staircase Lights, Street lights auto ON/OFF
  • Corridors Lights auto ON/OFF
  • Lights on construction site auto ON/OFF