The Water softener is used for removing Hardness salts (e.g., Ca, Mg. salts of Carbonate, Sulphate & Hydroxides) from the water. It consists of Ion-Exchange Resin in Sodium ions of Resin are exchanged with Ca and Mg ions and generate Soft water. Once the resin beds are saturated with Ca & Mg. the unit requires regeneration with brine salt.

Our customers can avail an unparalleled range of Water Softeners from us. The offered range of water softeners aids in acquiring refined and filtered water. Along with this, the offered range of water softeners is recommended for treating hard water avoiding all damage to the body as well as storage tanks and vessels. The offered range is widely applicable in different sectors, owing to its capability to eliminate calcium and magnesium ions from hard water..

Technical Details

  • inner shell – Polyethylene (PE) seamless one-piece tank liner
  • Outer shell – Continuous strands of fiber-glass with high strength epoxy resin
  • Bottom base – FRP reinforced tripod base


All feed water and waste water treatment application, included multi-media filter and softener..