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Leading Y Type Strainer Manufacturers in India

      Most popular among industrial strainers are Y Type strainers and they take their name from their configuration. UWS Engineering is the Y Type strainers manufacturer in Mumbai India, These are fabricated or cast Threaded, Socket Weld or Flanged End Connections. These strainers are widely used for various industrial applications in heating and cooling processes, in various pipelines carrying water and other liquids. Commonly used in pipelines to prevent damage of control valves, Flow meters, Gauges, pumps, and other process equipment.

          The industrial Y strainers provided by UWS Y Type Strainers manufacturer in Mumbai India are precision-engineered and designed as per the free flow area and pressure drop allowance calculations as required for the application. Because of that, they are suitable for various industrial usages. Our strainers give good adaptability, flawless performance and longer service life even after regular use in extremely high temperatures and pressure. The efficient filtration ability has made it valuable among the industries dealing with liquid or gas processing. The Strainers manufactured by UWS Y Type strainers manufacturer in Telangana India have elevated productivity of the respective industry.

.       Our Y Type strainers are made with easily removable S.S. filter elements of perforated sheet and wire mesh as per the customer’s specific demands. The ball valve can be fitted to flush debris that is easily removable from the screen and exhaust to the atmosphere or a drain system. We UWS have earned trust and reputation in the home and global market as a Strainer manufacturer, supplier, and exporter.