75 MM Uniqq Water Conditioner
Flow rate: 1,150 lit/min
Flange: Table E
Length: 416mm
Weight: 12.0 kg


Always size the Uniqq Water Conditioner according to flow rate (not pipe size).

It is essential to pair the UWS100 MM with an Earth Kit / Power Supply.

Headloss @ nominal capacity = 35 kPa – 5 PSI.

A tolerance of plus 66% or minus 33% of nominal capacity is permissible on flanged conditioners.

The nominal capacity is increased by removing the internal orifice cone (essentially creating two sizes in one).

The UWS100 MM is made from 316 Stainless Steel.

Every UWS Water Conditioner has a lifetime warranty.


“With our salty dam water we couldn’t afford NOT to have a UWS Conditioner. In fact, UWS is too cheap for what it does” – Brad Ipsen.

Prior to fitting a UWS Water Conditioner, Vegetable Grower, Brad Ipsen had $80,000 losses in two months due to his broccoli crop being unsalable.

Since installing four UWS Conditioners, Brad has seen tremendous increase in his crop despite the 2,800 mg/lit salty dam water.

•    20% crop increase

•    Salt scald disappeared on soil surface

•    10 day turnaround in the crop

“It’s amazing. We’ve had a 20% crop increase since installing our Conditioners.

Wayne Edwards is one happy farmer. In his own words, “UWS saved my farm”.

If you’re an irrigator and experience hard water problems, be encouraged by what Wayne has to say and watch the product video.

Wayne is an organically certified vegetable grower. He now produces fantastic results growing potatoes, onions, broccoli and cauliflower from

2,600EC bore water. He has a UWS Water Conditioner on each of his three centre pivot irrigation systems.

“The first thing I noticed was UWS reduced the frequency of spraying our broccoli for Diamond Back moth from 2-3 times a week to once per month – a reduction of 90%” – Garry East.

For Vegetable Grower, Garyy East, chemical savings alone more than paid for his UWS Water Conditioner in the first year of use.

“Our agronomist was very impressed by the colour and quality of our crop.”


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