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<h2>Leading Duplex Basket Strainers Manufacturers in India – ACME Fluid Systems</h2>

<p>Get high quality duplex basket strainers from leading manufacturing company in India. ACME fluid systems is the best duplex basket strainers manufacturers in India. We offer premium quality different types of duplex basket strainers as per the industrial needs. Duplex basket strainers or twin basket strainers are type of filters used in fuel, oil or water piping system which can help to remove large unwanted particles, dust or sand. usually consist of two different strainers baskets housing. It works as while one filter chamber is in filtering mode, the another chamber always clean elements of filters offline.</p>

Advantages For Industry

Easy to clean
2. Low Pressure drop
3. Large area
4. Easy to operate and maintenance
5. Positive Sealing to prevent bypass
6. Customized design
7. High dirt load holding capacity
8. In Standard design filtration area is 4
to 6 times of Inlet/Outlet pipe area
9. Arrangement for back wash if required

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