T type Strainer

※ T Pattern/ Bolted Bonnet
※ Size Range: NPS 1/2 to NPS 32
※ Class Range: 150LB-600LB
※ Design STD.: BS3532/ ASME B16.34
※ T type Strainer Manufacturer


What is a T-type Strainer?

T-type strainer is also known as Bathtub strainer, they are used as fixed strainers in large bore lines of 2′′ and above. They may be flanged or welded to the pipe network on which they are mounted.

Tee strainers is a custom-made compound strainer intended to extract foreign contaminants from the pipeline. Tee Style Strainers are a low-cost option for high nominal bore straining specifications. They can be installed in vertical or horizontal pipes and can be designed for right-angled installations.

Tee type strainers are most typically equipped with a variety of graded filtration standards (fine to coarse or vise – versa) to ensure that the device performs at the appropriate level of cleanliness when fully loaded. Tee strainers include either a screwed cover or a quick-opening cover for easy accessibility.

Construction of T-type Strainer

T type strainer is specially made with pipes & plates or standard identical tee & flanges. Filter components are made of stainless-steel perforated sheet metal or wire mesh which is supported by perforated sheet metal. T-type strainers are a low-cost alternative for large nominal bore filtering demands. This strainer can be mounted quickly and requires less maintenance. T strainers come with either a screwed cover or a quick-opening covers for application adequacy.

T-type Strainers may be mounted either in vertical or horizontal pipes, in the vertical position the discharge would flow down into the basket. In the horizontal location, the branch link is located on the side for side access or, respectively, and on the top for top access. T Strainers are restricted to course filtration due to the way the basket is placed within the T will encourage fluid to flow through the runner bar system.


T-type Strainer Can Be Divided Into Different Types Cccording To:

  • End Connection: These strainers come with two different end connections which can be installed in pipelines by either butt welding or can be bolted with pipe flange when it is supplied with flanged ends.
  • Flow Direction: These strainers are available in a different configuration where the direction of flow decides the design of the straining element utilized for straining purposes.
  • Straight flow: Here sealing takes place at the guide rails which allows little bypass thus it is suitable for coarse filtration. This is the most efficient design among all t-types of strainers.
  • Right Angled flow (In to out): It has a stronger construction as it is employed for higher internal pressure due to its flow direction. It shows a moderate pressure drop. Sealing is achieved at a flat surface by sealing ring so it is suitable for fine filtration.
  • Right Angled Flow (Out to in): It requires internal reinforcement as pressure exerts externally due to its flow direction. This is the reason for its higher pressure drop compared to all T type strainers. Sealing is achieved by sealing ring which makes it suitable only for fine filtration.


How Does A T-type Strainer Work?

Working of T-type strainer is same as the other type of strainers, the shape of its filter screen is like a bathtub, this strainer is used to filter out debris and other foreign particles from the liquid in a pipeline. This screen is easily accessible and can be cleaned when the differential pressure drops across the inlet and outlet of the strainer.


Features And Benefit of T-type Strainer

T-type strainers have many benefits to pipeline applications such as:

  • It comes with a quick opening type covers for easy cleaning operation.
  • It is provided with an easy venting port and has differential pressure taps.
  • It has a straighter flow path which allows higher flow capacity.
  • T type Strainer is suited for transferring fluids at a higher velocity.
  • These are ideal for large pipe uses that need quick access to the strainer.
  • While installed horizontally the chamber cover can be opened without draining the process fluid. Thus, it can be used in hazardous processes.


Applications of T-type Strainer

Sometimes it is not practical to use Y-Type Strainers in few applications since the element is accessible from the underside of the covering or body. T-Type Strainers provide accessibility to the element through the top of the housing or body. This type of strainer is intended to be mounted in-line with the pipeline axis, but can also be installed in offset and right-angled pipe installations.

In addition to the standard catalog collection of T-Type Strainers, Fabricated Strainers can be designed and produced to satisfy particular application specifications. These strainers are designed to handle aggressive industrial steam and gas applications when they are constructed with stainless steel or carbon steel.


How Do You Clean a T-type Strainer?

Always check the pressure differential across the inlet and outlet of the piping strainer to make sure there is a pressure drop and it needs to be clean. Before extracting the covering of the T-Strainer, the pressure within the vessel must be minimized to ambient pressure by suction or venting. Failure doing so could result in serious injury and damage to the body.

Remove the screen filter and wash it. Do not allow the screen to dry as it would be difficult to clear debris after it has hardened. Don’t knock or scratch the filter screen to get rid of hard debris. For perforated screens, it is advised to use pressurized water or airflow to scrub the screen. This is not intended for mesh or mesh-lined screens as it may allow the mesh to break. A solvent can be needed whether the service is petrol, gasoline, or chemical. Follow the guidelines of the manufacturer while using a solvent to wash the screen.


In Summary

T-type strainer is specially made with pipes & plates or standard similar tee & flanges. Filter components are constructed from perforated sheet stainless steel or wire mesh with perforated sheet support. Tee Type Strainers are a low-cost option for high nominal bore straining requirements. This strainer can be mounted quickly and requires less maintenance. Tee strainers feature either a screwed cover or a quick-opening cover for device adequacy. T Style Strainer can be used for both vertical and horizontal setups.

Tee-type strainers are developed to remove particles from pipelines where a lightweight, compact & accessible strainer is required to safeguard pumps, valves, and related equipment. In addition to the screen, the use of extraordinarily obtained micron mesh often means that the highest possible functionality criteria are fulfilled.

NTGD Valve is a professional T type strainer manufacturer, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts


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