400 MM Uniqq Water Conditioner
Flow rate: 6,500 lit/min
Flange: Table E
Length: 685mm
Weight: 66.0 kg


Always size the Uniqq Water Conditioner according to flow rate (not pipe size).

It is essential to pair the UWS400 MM with an Earth Kit / Power Supply.

Headloss @ nominal capacity = 35 kPa – 5 PSI.

A tolerance of plus 66% or minus 33% of nominal capacity is permissible on flanged conditioners.

The nominal capacity is increased by removing the internal orifice cone (essentially creating two sizes in one).

The UWS 400 MM is made from 316 Stainless Steel.

Every UNIQQ Water Conditioner has a lifetime warranty.


After eight waterings the UWS400 MM reduced soil chloride by 77%.
And helped produce the best wheat cop ever…

After flood irrigating lucerne only eight times the soil analysis showed a huge reduction in chloride of 77%.
The unit was inspected part way through the season, after conditioning 400 megalitres of water. It was spotlessly clean inside.
The second season, the owner harvested 32 bags per acre of wheat. His best ever and the best in the district.

A UWS400 MM is installed into a 250mm line on a flood irrigation system.
It delivers 12.5 meg/day, 8,700 lit/min at 29 kPa headloss – no orifice.




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